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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering some of the most asked questions from our clients. If you have further queries, feel free to contact us!

How can I become a wholesale customer of your humate products?

To become a wholesale customer, please reach out to our sales team through our website or contact information. Our team will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary information to establish a wholesale deal.

What are the minimum order requirements for wholesale purchases?

Our minimum order requirement for wholesale humates is 9000kg & may vary depending on the specific product and quantity. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and receive detailed information regarding minimum order quantities.

Do you offer bulk discounts for wholesale orders?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts for wholesale orders. The specific discount rates may vary based on the order quantity and product.

Can I request labeling or customized packaging for wholesale orders?

Yes, we offer labeling and customized packaging options for wholesale orders. We understand the importance of branding and can work with you to create personalized packaging that aligns with your business requirements. Please discuss your specific needs with our sales team to explore the available customization options.

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